glitter headband (um, finally)

Back in 2010, I saw a multicolored, rainbow glitter headband in JCrew. I wasn't planning to buy anything that night - just looking - so I passed by the multicolored, rainbow glitter headband and didn't buy it. The next day, the weight of my decision sunk in. I even had a good friend say, "You didn't buy that headband?!" I know, I know.

No harm, no foul. I decided I'd just go back to JCrew on my lunch break and pick it up. Afterall, I had seen it the night before in the JCrew 2 blocks from my office. But, if you've ever been shopping in New York, you know shopping doesn't work that way. You can barely blink and expect the item to still be on the shelf. So, of course, there were none left. Therefore - naturally - I spent the majority of my afternoon calling every single JCrew in the tri-state area. I think I even asked LeeAnne to call a few. And...there were NONE. Heartbreaking.

So, yes, now that I've written one of my longest blog posts ever on a random lost rainbow glitter headband, I must announce that the saga is finally over: JCrew restocked the same exact headband this year! And you better believe I bought it the second I saw it...and, wear it jubilantly as often as possible.

kids these days

Some kid, somewhere in New York is running around the streets of the Upper East Side wearing a $178.00 JCrew sequined shirt. For the entire 1 month that it fits them. While I'm sure they look adorable, I'm also (almost) sure they have a spaghetti stain or something of the like splattered on the front, too. Is this really what parents buy their kids these days?

I was thinking about my friend, Meg, when I saw this shirt. Doesn't Miss Reagan need one of these for her 3rd birthday party? Just think about how fancy & sparkly she would look.


Today I'm heading out to Brooklyn for my friend Megan's new leather bag line launch party: BBK, Bags in Brooklyn. Megan and I worked together at my first job in New York, and she is so talented. She's an adorable red-headed fashionista who lives in Brooklyn and hails from Vermont, and she makes these bags by night while she works as an interior designer by day. She has my vote; I absolutely can't wait to see her goods! Plus, look at her in this picture: she's a natural!

polka dots

My regular, old black converse have definitely seen better days. I've had them almost 4 years now, and they look every bit of 4 years old. But, for some reason, I can't bear to get rid of the perfectly broken in and worn out pair that I still wear so often. But if ever I decide to retire them, I'm keeping these in mind. Aren't they adorable! I love the gray and the cute polka dots to make them so much more girly. Ah, cute. You can get your very own pair at Delia's!

glitter & oxfords

two of my favorite things, all together in one place. I saw these today and couldn't resist snapping a pic of their fabulous-ness! I'll take all three, thanks.

fall is coming!

We've had two mornings in a row now with temperatures of 65 degrees. Heavenly! And the new fall JCrew catalog came in the mail last week. If those two things don't bring the smell of fall, I don't think anything will.

And for the first time ever, I am even mildly excited about the new season being upon us.