Today I'm heading out to Brooklyn for my friend Megan's new leather bag line launch party: BBK, Bags in Brooklyn. Megan and I worked together at my first job in New York, and she is so talented. She's an adorable red-headed fashionista who lives in Brooklyn and hails from Vermont, and she makes these bags by night while she works as an interior designer by day. She has my vote; I absolutely can't wait to see her goods! Plus, look at her in this picture: she's a natural!

brooklyn farmacy

One of the stops on our adventure for Katherine's birthday celebration was a soda fountain called Brooklyn Farmacy. It was a relatively new restaurant that was made to feel old-fashioned with "soda jerks" who prepared homemade soda, delicious sundaes and everything else you can imagine that would be at a soda fountain. Even with the commute, I would definitely go back! Thanks for choosing such a fun birthday celebration spot, K!

[roommate picture!]

birthday celebrations: kat

As I mentioned on Friday, we celebrated for Katherine's birthday. And we celebrated big. We had a full night in Brooklyn with delicious pizza and the best sundaes you've ever tasted at an old-fashioned soda fountain.

And this is just the beginning of the pictures! Robyn recently got a new camera that she so generously let me play with...those pics are coming soon!

Happy 26 birthday Katarina!

happy birthday(s)

Today I'm wishing the happiest of birthdays to my favorite set of quadruplets, my roommate Katherine and her 3 womb-mates! (You can also check out her sister Quinn's blog here.) We're going out to celebrate for dinner with pizza and dessert in Brooklyn, and I'm only wishing that the three other siblings could join, too. Maybe next year we'll get them all here in the Big Apple for the occasion.

Also, it's my older brother Brent's birthday today!

[It must be a good day for birthdays. I think so.]

fette sau

Fette Sau is the most delicious bbq spot in Brooklyn, and possibly all of Manhattan as well. We ventured out to Williamsburg last night with our friends Pamela and John. I had heard a lot of good things about this spot from my boss at work, and that got me excited to try it out. It's the type of spot where you go in and tell the people at the meat counter how many pounds of meat you want - no 'bbq plate platters with 2 sides' available here. I think we racked up about 2 pounds of meat plus some delicious sides and a key lime pie for dessert from this diamond in the rough, conveniently served at Fette Sau. It was worth every bit of time spent on the L train to get there!

(the aftermath!)

pies n thighs

Tonight I'm heading over to Brooklyn to try out LeeAnne's church and also this restaurant that I've been dying to try: Pies N Thighs. What could sound more appetizing than that?! I've been scouring the menu for at least a week trying to decide what I want to try. I still haven't decided and think it will come to a game-time decision...luckily, I probably can't go wrong with anything I choose! There's nothing like a good southern meal in the summertime, even if it's in New York.