spring, is that you?

We got some spring weather here in New York this weekend.

And by "spring weather," I mean we had temps in the mid 40's. It felt glorious and refreshing (I can't believe I'm saying that), and I spent a lot of time walking to my destinations for my commute of choice. Now I'm cringing to see snow on the forecast for the next two days.

Could the real Spring please (please!) stand up?


the perfect valentines

But not for the romantic reasons.

I always love a good handwritten & homemade note, especially on Valentine's Day. (I'd be lying if I said I don't love celebrating the pink and redlove-inspired holiday.) This year, I celebrated with two pretty special cards from two of my sweetest friends, and an even more special gift from my dear friend, Jenny: an advance copy of her book, Dancing Through Itthat is set to be released this coming Thursday. I couldn't even wait until I got home last night to start reading; I opened it the moment I reached the subway platform to wait for the next train.

And now I'm not feeling so bad about the piled-up 10+ inches of snow outside after all. You'll know where to find me on this long holiday weekend—curled up & reading!

hi, from denver!

As a result of growing up in warm, balmy Alabama, I don't have much experience with scraping the ice and snow off my frozen car. Luckily—my rental car in Denver last weekend had a Florida license plate allowing the fellow motorists to keep their expectations low.


visions of sugar plums


This weekend I took a special little friend of mine to see the Nutcracker. We sat front & center on the first row and could see every detail, every smile, every wave of the dancers.

At the end of the Sugar Plum Fairy's dance, the woman next to Grace leaned over to her.

She said, "The Sugar Plum Fairy just blew you a kiss!"

Grace leaned over and quietly said–without taking her eyes off Jenny, "Yea. That's my mommy."

banksy: tribeca

Somehow I ended up seeing two Banksys in one day (which made for a very happy girl). The sad part was that the Tribeca Banksy had already been vandalized by the time I got there only a few days later.

I had high hopes that this one would remain intact and unscathed since it was a tribute to 9/11. The ironic thing is that the art itself wasn't damaged, but the sheet of glass installed to protect the art was shattered. I was thrilled, nonetheless, to see two of his works of art, and only wish I had caught him when he set up shop in Central Park to score one for my living room wall-o-random.

Maybe I'll catch you next time, Banksy. Until then, keep inspiring the artists.


banksy: uws

I fought my way to the front for this head-on photo.

I fought my way to the front for this head-on photo.

To find my first Banksy, I went on a brief excursion from the Upper East Side to the Upper West Side (which is practically no excursion at all). It was a crowded mess with people swarming the art, adding props to the scene, taking photos with their face somehow incorporated in the stencil, but I was glad to experience Banksy's NYC madness. Plus it's a pretty cool stencil, if you ask me.

finding my banksy

When Banksy took New York by storm during the month of October, I jumped right on the bandwagon. I followed his instagram account so that I could know the minute his new art was revealed each day, and much to my excitement, I was able to track down a couple of his pieces in some of the neighborhoods I frequent.

While making my way to the first Banksy sighting, I made this video that literally tracked my steps; and if you look closely I'm pretty sure you'll see that there's an extra pep in my step as I make my way across Central Park and the New York City terrain. I sure am glad I got a small taste of Banksy during his New York City jaunt. You're welcome here anytime, Mr. Banksy.

taylor swift's photo

If you follow Taylor Swift on twitter (who doesn't, right?), you may have seen this picture in a tweet from her on Saturday night.

This is a photo from her concert at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

I—along with 55,000 other teenyboppers—was there!!! It was a wonderfully entertaining time, and I have more pictures to share. But thanks to TSwift for kindly letting me use her photo for now.