footie pajamas

28 years old and I'm still wearing footie pajamas.

But this winter—in my opinion—totally calls for it. It's a week into March and we're just barely breaking 30 degree highs each day. This has been a winter for the books. I love history, but not so much this kind. Spring, I'm anxiously, verrrrry anxiously, awaiting you.


spring, is that you?

We got some spring weather here in New York this weekend.

And by "spring weather," I mean we had temps in the mid 40's. It felt glorious and refreshing (I can't believe I'm saying that), and I spent a lot of time walking to my destinations for my commute of choice. Now I'm cringing to see snow on the forecast for the next two days.

Could the real Spring please (please!) stand up?


a wintry, blustery day

I've heard conflicting reports. Today's massive snow drop was either the 15th or the 17th snowstorm of the season. I'm not sure that it matters anymore, I'm just hoping this winter with a vengeance calms itself soon, very soon...

OR else. Yea, or else I'm going to start having to wear three layers of pants instead of two.


even more snow

We've gotten more snow in this one winter than I've seen combined in my whole life. And, so far, not a single snow day! (As Al Roker said, "Shame on you, Mayor!") I'm thankful that February is at least a short month, because I don't think I can take much more of this. But despite the constant snowfall and unusually low temps, last week's snowstorm was absolutely spectacular. I took these photos after I got home from work and walked around my neighborhood feeling like I was in a true winter wonderland (which doesn't happen often in the Big Apple snowstorms).

If this is the night version of the grandeur, can you imagine what it looked like during the day?!


and here's to you, mrs. robinson


In order to brighten up the dreary winter days in New York City, I like to do things like paint my fingernails various shades of neon. Actually, I like to do that anytime of year but especially in the winter.

So, what's the color of the week?

This week it's Color Club "Mrs. Robinson", and it's even better and brighter in person.

Plus, I sing the song Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel a little bit every time I look down at my hands. Which is also a natural day-brightener.

a few more (& the last of) snow pics

I've probably overdone it with Nemo nor'easter pictures from the weekend, but I really loved taking them and that made it hard not to share them here on the ole blogaroo.

It's no secret that I'm no big fan of winter, but I do love a beautiful snowstorm occasionally, especially after the holidays when there isn't much else to look forward to except plunging temperatures. The white stuff makes the bleak winter months a little more bearable and exciting.

shin-deep in snow.
somewhere...under there...there's a car parked.

yes, this woman is skiing. or, trying to ski.
hi, frosty!
sheep meadow.


I mentioned this already, but I went traipsing through the park in the knee deep snow yesterday, and it was terrific. B and I went off the beaten path and tried to make our own tracks in the snow (since all of the high-profile fields in Central Park were already packed with people). We were only mildly successful on new tracks, but, oh my, it was nice to get outside in the fresh, crisp snowy air.

hunkering down.

That's right, that's what we're doing here in the city: hunkering down. The snow has started to fall and the flakes are the size of potato chips. No lie, they're huge. And beautiful and sparkly.

I have to say, every once in a while, I love a good snowstorm. I can't imagine how the white, fluffy flakes can be all that dangerous (spoken like a true southern girl), but if they say it can happen, then I'll take precautions. My plan is to do a whole lotta nothing this weekend. Stay inside, be cozy and snap pictures of snow outside my window. If the number of hot chocolates that I've already had this afternoon (um, 2) is any indication of what my weekend will be like, I think I'll be fine.

Stay safe and warm if you're anywhere in the path of this crazy Nemo nor'easter!

february 1st

I can't believe I made it through another January in the northeast, and this one was amazingly bearable! Now it's February 1st, and that means I'm on the downhill slope. One more (short) month until March and that's practically spring, right?!

[I love these rainbow hearts found on pinterest for the love month!]

first snow day of the year!

Except for one brief, freak snow day in October, we haven't seen the white stuff all winter! Until today. And there was a lot of it! Surprisingly, I found myself rather joyful to see it, at least for the first few hours. It's so beautiful as it's falling and until the cabs are back on the streets to ruin it. I think I've had my fix for the year now, so if it didn't snow again I would certainly be ok with that...

is it cold out there or what?!

I guess I should consider myself fortunate. It is January 14th, and I am just now feeling miserable about the weather. I don't know what it is this year, but the cold seems so much colder! I had two drinks from Starbucks yesterday because I was so cold (actually wanted three, but talked myself out of one). Today I bought a small space heater for my room. The puffy coat just isn't working like it used to. Here's to staying warm in this blustery cold!