hunkering down.

That's right, that's what we're doing here in the city: hunkering down. The snow has started to fall and the flakes are the size of potato chips. No lie, they're huge. And beautiful and sparkly.

I have to say, every once in a while, I love a good snowstorm. I can't imagine how the white, fluffy flakes can be all that dangerous (spoken like a true southern girl), but if they say it can happen, then I'll take precautions. My plan is to do a whole lotta nothing this weekend. Stay inside, be cozy and snap pictures of snow outside my window. If the number of hot chocolates that I've already had this afternoon (um, 2) is any indication of what my weekend will be like, I think I'll be fine.

Stay safe and warm if you're anywhere in the path of this crazy Nemo nor'easter!