well, hello.


My name is often confused. "Karen?" "Sarah?" "Can you spell it?" That's the response I usually get when introducing myself to people in person. But here, it's easy. I'm Perryn.

I've been making my home in New York City since 2008. I moved here just after graduating from Auburn University—er, technically, I moved here just before graduating—and have been making this big city feel like home ever since. I grew up in Alabama, and came here by way of an interior design job at a large architecture firm. I can tell, though, the Big Apple and I are growing on each other and settling in nicely together.

I enjoy cooking & baking, traveling home to the Heart of Dixie (not to be confused with Hart of Dixie, which I also thoroughly enjoy and would gladly travel to visit), reading young adult fiction, CS Lewis, and Tim Keller, hosting birthday parties & brunches, rainbows, sparkles, glitter, trying new cuisines, fashion, design, Banksy art, exploring big cities, and my New York neighborhood.