eggs & matching


For easter, Brendan and I made our way out to Brooklyn to have brunch with some friends. One of our little friends who attended the brunch is an adorable two-year-old girl with a bright personality. She gleefully passed out these dyed easter eggs (that she dyed) for each of us - which happened to match everyone's clothes! I see lots of art, color wheels, and design in her future...

and here's to you, mrs. robinson


In order to brighten up the dreary winter days in New York City, I like to do things like paint my fingernails various shades of neon. Actually, I like to do that anytime of year but especially in the winter.

So, what's the color of the week?

This week it's Color Club "Mrs. Robinson", and it's even better and brighter in person.

Plus, I sing the song Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel a little bit every time I look down at my hands. Which is also a natural day-brightener.


Kate Spade posted an invitation on their blog for followers to submit photos showing how they "Live Colorfully." My friend Maggie snapped this photo in December as we made a walk down 5th Avenue to look at the Christmas window displays.

I couldn't think of a more fitting photo to interpret how I like to "live colorfully" (um, rainbow everything). If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you've seen that I submitted the photo this morning to the Kate Spade contest. It's for the chance that my photo could be used in an upcoming campaign of theirs. It may not fit their criteria, but here's hoping with fingers crossed...

anthro beauty

๏ปฟBesides the fact that I have the square flower pillow on the far left currently on my bed, I love this display! I love the sideways turned portraits to add visual interest and something unique. Of course, I love all of the colors in the bedding, the wallpaper and the vibrant portraits. I especially loved the layer effect they created in the "mantel" overhead. If you're around the Anthropologie on 5th Avenue and 16th Street, take a peek. I couldn't stop snapping photos!

[Caylen, this would look perfect in your bedroom with that little "K" up top.]

color issue

My friend Maggie sent me this new blog saying it seemed "right up my alley". Indeed it does! It's called Color Issue and it's new, but it looks like something I'm quickly going to be in love with. (I'm also trying to win the giveaway from last week, so check it out!!)

I can't wait to see how this blogger is inspired by color, too.

marimekko 5th avenue

I recently discovered earlier in the week the new flagship Marimekko store on 5th Avenue. (In my defense, I think it is fairly new?) And, boy, was I ever thankful for this discovery! I have been familiar with the popular Marimekko patterns and colors for quite some time, but this store was even more beautiful and robust than I was expecting. The window display doesn't do justice to the rich, bold, vibrant colors & patterns that are just inside. Check it out if you're in the area!

[located at 23rd and 5th Ave]