happy birthday Pameleeanne!

Two of my dearest friends in New York City were born two days apart. We celebrated them last weekend over coffee, laughs, and grits. It was delightful: a Tipsy Parson brunch, 4 girls reminiscing about the wonderful, fateful summer that brought us together in the big city (+ the almost 5 years that have followed that summer), and our shared southern roots. It's such a joy to have all of us still in the city and able to celebrate each other every year on our birthdays. LeeAnne's birthday was yesterday and Pamela's is tomorrow. So I'm splitting the difference (er, I'm not actually late, LA!).

wishing them both a big, merry, cheery and fabulous HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

election day, this year

This year on Election Day I did something a little different than I did 4 years ago. (Thank goodness.) I threw my own party. It was mostly surprise birthday party with a touch of Election party to boot.

Everything was red, white, and blue. And my shirt gave a pretty solid plug for voters to get out and vote. But the main attraction was really the birthday boy. Brendan's birthday fell on election day this year and I thought it made perfect sense to celebrate both milestones at once. With the birthday party part being a big surprise. It worked out pretty well, and we had a fun time feasting together.

And, I must say, it was much better than being in Rockefeller Center. Remarkable, actually.

a happy birthday to a special lady:


I won't tell you how old she is, but I do know she's older than 26. This is a picture of her on her birthday in 2010, celebrating New York-New Jersey style (that's why she looks so excited)! I wish we could do it again, but there's always next year. Happy birthday, Mom!

#roommates #birthdays

Birthdays are always fun to celebrate, but there's something extra special about celebrating a roommate's birthday. Last weekend my roommates and I got to celebrate together for Bethany's birthday. It was on a beautiful rooftop on the Upper East Side with a black & white theme. Everyone, except the guests of honor, wore black and white. And we got our first roommate picture! Still so excited and thankful to live with these girls. I hope someone has another birthday soon...

best cake in the entire world.

This is lemon poppyseed cake that my friend Kyo made for her birthday party this past weekend. I wish you could taste how good it was just from looking at this picture. Because, if this is possible, it was even better than it looked. You all know I'm a big cake person, and this one - literally - took the cake. (Gosh, why do I think such terrible, corny jokes are funny?) My compliments to the baker!

And, I put in a request for one of these for my 5 months.  It was that good, folks.


I cannot believe this little girl is turning FIVE today. It seems like just yesterday I was hopping on a plane to Louisville on Thursday afternoon after my last class for the week to be in Kentucky when my sister was induced on Friday. (That same trip, my mom and I left Kentucky around 4am so that I could be back in time for my 11am class on Monday morning!?) This was one of my first times holding Abbey, and she was giving me the same look then that she gives me now...

Happy birthday Abbey!!!

happy birthday LA!


Today is LeeAnne's birthday! And we had a great time this weekend celebrating her at a new brunch spot  (new to me, anyway) in Nolita called BarBossa. It was a brazilian cuisine restaurant and was absolutely delicious! There were so many great options on the menu that I took a full 30+ minutes to decide, but that's nothing new...

happy, happy birthday LA (...and see ya later, January)!!

with love, in honor

This is the first time in 26 years that my granddad and I haven't celebrated our birthdays together. To help ease the abruptness of that transition, I'm celebrating in a new way this year: in Africa! I doubt this will be a yearly tradition but I did think it the perfect way to celebrate this time.

Plus, without GG's ever-changing math formula to help me out this year, I'm not even sure how old I'm turning...something like 26 maybe? (yikes.)

more celebrations

This weekend for Brendan's birthday his parents made a quick trip down to NYC. It was fun getting to catch up with them over dinner on Saturday and brunch on Sunday. We went to a delicious french restaurant on Saturday night called Raoul's, and all of us got the exact same thing: steak (it was their specialty)! Brunch on Sunday at Le Monde (for Brendan's actual birthday) was terrific too. It was a fun time celebrating with the whole crew.

They brought this dome out and attempted to sing 'happy birthday' to B in french, spanish and english.

However, we never quite figured out exactly what this dome was...

cheers to the birthday boy!

...not one, but two birthdays of special people today! B and I had a fun day (which consisted of at least 4 hours of him watching the Patriots vs Giants game and me browsing Pinterest, which were both perfect for the first dark Sunday afternoon after daylight savings ended yesterday!) celebrating with his family, hanging out and, lastly, eating dinner, above. Cheers to you on your birthday,

weekend 1 update

I am so behind on posting these pictures that I'm not yet sure if it's worth it. But then when I take a look again at how cute they are, how could I not post them? 

At the end of September, I made a quick trip home and it just happened the be the weekend of Monica and Tate's birthdays. Brent, Mayce and McKay organized a surprise party, and I was lucky enough to get to partake in the festivities! I wish you could have seen the look on their faces. Both were shocked, but Tate's response was priceless (no shock there!).

We did a full blown birthday party with pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and all!

I still can't believe where I ended up on Saturday night! I don't need to say it, the picture says it all. But it was a fun "girls night" with just Monica, Mayce and McKay! No matter where we ended up, I enjoyed the time. And I can always enjoy a good SEC football game, there were just no Roll Tides coming from me. So glad I got to make this quick trip!

[ps - there are a series of very delayed weekend update posts coming soon!]

the big 6-0

Today is a special day because someone in my family is turning 60!! My dad passed that milestone over a year ago, and now it's my mom's turn! I hope she has a wonderful day filled with lots of hugs, happy birthday's and hi-fives from those around her. I wish I was there to celebrate too!

brooklyn farmacy

One of the stops on our adventure for Katherine's birthday celebration was a soda fountain called Brooklyn Farmacy. It was a relatively new restaurant that was made to feel old-fashioned with "soda jerks" who prepared homemade soda, delicious sundaes and everything else you can imagine that would be at a soda fountain. Even with the commute, I would definitely go back! Thanks for choosing such a fun birthday celebration spot, K!

[roommate picture!]

birthday celebrations: kat

As I mentioned on Friday, we celebrated for Katherine's birthday. And we celebrated big. We had a full night in Brooklyn with delicious pizza and the best sundaes you've ever tasted at an old-fashioned soda fountain.

And this is just the beginning of the pictures! Robyn recently got a new camera that she so generously let me play with...those pics are coming soon!

Happy 26 birthday Katarina!