cutest hair I ever did see.

I challenge you to tell me any hair you've ever seen that's cuter than my niece's is here in this picture. Add the cute hair to the adorably cute face, and I practically swoon every time I look at her!

 I'm dying to try this out for myself...I'm taking fashion tips from my 11 year old niece, now. Yep.

polka dots

My regular, old black converse have definitely seen better days. I've had them almost 4 years now, and they look every bit of 4 years old. But, for some reason, I can't bear to get rid of the perfectly broken in and worn out pair that I still wear so often. But if ever I decide to retire them, I'm keeping these in mind. Aren't they adorable! I love the gray and the cute polka dots to make them so much more girly. Ah, cute. You can get your very own pair at Delia's!

what I did this Friday night:

I became a godmother to this adorable little puppy! I accompanied my friend, Megan, to pick up this little cutie!! Meg was still a tiny bit hesitant on whether she should get a dog or not...and she wanted someone to go with her to take a look at the puppy. (And, of course, I'm always one for going to look at puppies.) Once we got there, who could have turned down this little face? We knew immediately he was a keeper. Luckily, this little guy's sister had a potential new owner or I might have snagged one for myself too...but for now, I'll settle on being the best puppy godmother ever!

baby lap giraffes

I can't get enough of these!!!

I signed the wait list for one of these adorable animals today, but unfortunately there were 34,000+ ahead of me in line. So, for now, I'll just keep looking at my baby lap giraffe online in his (or her) natural habitat: here