polka dots

My regular, old black converse have definitely seen better days. I've had them almost 4 years now, and they look every bit of 4 years old. But, for some reason, I can't bear to get rid of the perfectly broken in and worn out pair that I still wear so often. But if ever I decide to retire them, I'm keeping these in mind. Aren't they adorable! I love the gray and the cute polka dots to make them so much more girly. Ah, cute. You can get your very own pair at Delia's!

4.23: d-day

And I don't mean the day we stormed Normandy. Katherine and I put an official meeting on our calendars for a decorating day on Saturday for 3E. (The "work in progress" post is part of that too, I just got a head start!) The truth is, I can't hardly wait until Saturday to start. I'm so excited about the revamp our little home is about to undergo. We're going with corals and light greens. New pillows are on their way as I type. Some of this may have to be done in phases, but I'm expecting a big change from just a few small items. Did I mention I'm excited? I'll be sure to post some photos after we storm the living room on Saturday!

the way i see it

Yep, this is the way I look at colors. And I'm pretty sure the other is the way most guys I know look at colors. I guess it is sufficient on getting them through life with the basics & most important colors, but isn't the girl's way so much more fun?! It also might have something to do with the fact that only men can be color blind. Women are often carriers, but the mutations generally only show up in males.

[I've seen this on image on a few friends' blogs (here & here, and on pinterest here) and have been meaning to put it up also!]

perfectly imperfect

Call me crazy, but I think this easel with paint splatters and spills already on it is brilliant. Of course, Anthropologie thinks of everything. It's like buying jeans with the holes already in the knee! Except buying hole-y jeans is a little more reasonable than this beautiful pre-splattered easel for $2100...

beautiful city

If I didn't love New York City so much, I would surely move to a place like this. This is a community in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where the community was commissioned to help beautify the neighborhood by transforming the facade of 34 houses into a colorful art project to create pride and ownership for the residents. They were given a small salary and an education during the process of turning their neighborhood into a beautiful, bright, cheery rainbow! I love it.

[Found here via Suwatch. Thanks!]