surprise visitors

At the end of last week I got a text from my mom that said "I might be in New York next week." Given that I get my lack of spontaneity from my mom, my mouth dropped open. After having her pour out all the details of needing to bring my brother and sister-in-law some furniture in New Jersey, she told me she was also bringing Mayce and McKay with her for a day in the Big Apple!

They arrived, took the city by storm, and now they're gone. I'm still pretty sad about that last part, but it was fun having them here for a quick trip and a fun time giving them a lightning fast 1-day overview tour of the must-see New York spots (American Girl, Build a Bear...of course)!

never tired of the view

I met some friends for dinner last night near Times Square and glanced over to see this view of the Chrysler Building as I was heading there. As much as this crazy city wears me out at times, I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing these sights on my way to a casual Tuesday night dinner with friends....

she's heeeere!

My mom is in town, and we've been having a blast hitting the city together! She shopped with me at the D&D for two days, met me for lunch, went grocery shopping with me at the new Trader Joe's in my neighborhood, and helped me to recover the seat of a street find (blog post on that coming later!). And! She's not leaving until Wednesday so there's even more fun to come. I'm heading out to New Jersey tomorrow to have some family fun time. The weather is cooling down and fall is here, so hopefully beautiful outdoor adventures will be in our scope.

i finally saw it!

The first time that I visited Philly, I had one request: to see the Liberty Bell. But as we hopped on the train that night to head back to Manhattan, the one thing we hadn't seen was the Liberty Bell.

That changed with this trip. We walked right in with no line, no problems and snapped a few front row pics:

A few pictures of the beautiful Independence Hall, where the first US Capitol was located.

Although I saw it on the first visit, I couldn't pass by the original LOVE sign:

A beautiful sunset from the bus window to end a fabulous weekend.