ta daaa!

Remember this post a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was doing some work in my kitchen? Well, the work has actually been completed for a few weeks now (since a couple days after I posted that!), and I finally have the pictures to prove it! And, boy do I love these stripes...and our 'wall of random' as Katherine and I like to refer to it.

When Kat and I had our d-day decorating a couple Saturdays ago, we knocked out our whole apartment (er, at least the areas we wanted to cover) in one fell swoop!

Here is a photo of the stripes as they slowly became unveiled...

I have always been pretty terrified to paint stripes in the past, so I started with a smaller and more manageable wall. And let me say: it wasn't that bad! We have high ceilings in my apt (between 9'-10') and I was also intimidated to try painting a wall that high without a decent ladder. But, I did it part by part and used my trusty straight-edge from my studio days and a pencil with a good eraser, and I came out pleasantly surprised with the overall ease of the task! I do believe it looks a lot harder than it is. 

The final view!
Coming next: the living room revamp! Check back soon...