footie pajamas

28 years old and I'm still wearing footie pajamas.

But this winter—in my opinion—totally calls for it. It's a week into March and we're just barely breaking 30 degree highs each day. This has been a winter for the books. I love history, but not so much this kind. Spring, I'm anxiously, verrrrry anxiously, awaiting you.


spring, is that you?

We got some spring weather here in New York this weekend.

And by "spring weather," I mean we had temps in the mid 40's. It felt glorious and refreshing (I can't believe I'm saying that), and I spent a lot of time walking to my destinations for my commute of choice. Now I'm cringing to see snow on the forecast for the next two days.

Could the real Spring please (please!) stand up?


bloggity backup

I've been asked twice if I gave up blogging for Lent. No, I didn't. But I did give up blogging for sleep.

On that note, I'm not sure if I slept away the month of March or if I was so busy that March flew by and sleep was few and far between? Either way, I'm hoping to make a fresh start in April. I've been here patiently waiting for spring to arrive and I think it may allllmost be here. Almost.

Because I can assure you there's nothing fun about blogging the details of a stubborn, unwanted winter sticking around into the spring months. So I chose to spare you the ugly details, and I'll just skip right to spring when it arrives. Yet again, as long as my sleep isn't in jeopardy.

balloons that bring hope, spring will come again.

balloons that bring hope, spring will come again.

a breath of fresh air


Yesterday was a nice little respite from the cold, snowy days we've been seeing lately. Besides my heater running at 98 degrees without the capability to turn it off or down, I couldn't complain. It was so lovely being able to work with my window open and breathe in nice warm-ish air. While I've thoroughly enjoyed the snow over the last couple of weeks, spring can never arrive too early!

happy first day of spring, y'all!

I am currently sitting with my windows open gazing at the beautiful sunshine that is coming through while I work. Ah, nothing better. 70-degree-weather, please don't leave me! And thank you for showing up just in time for spring.

[These are the beautiful flowers on every corner in my neighborhood these days!]

it's spring here in nyc!

I've said it once but I'll say it again: I can't believe I survived another winter in New York! As I say that I am, at the same time, knocking on my desk - made of wood, of course - knowing full well that winter may indeed peek it's ugly head out again. In the meantime, I am loving the beautiful flowers on the streets and this glorious, sunny 73 degree weather! Even if it's fleeting...

hellllllo, march!

I have somehow survived another February (which, in my mind, = winter...) in New York. I documented it last year, too and firstly, I can't believe this post has been a year and secondly, that it's MARCH! 

I'm not complaining, just noting. Hey, I'm pretty much well on the way to summer now...