hello there, mr. cunningham

Last weekend, Pamela, Katherine, LeeAnne and I met in the park for our annual Central Park "photo shoot." I have more pictures from that to share later, but I wanted to share these pictures first.

As background, my friends turned this year's shoot into a pre-birthday surprise for me and they brought balloons, confetti and gifted me with this wonderful rainbow umbrella. Turns out, these things made amazing props for our little photo-taking jaunt in the park.

So amazing, in fact, that Bill Cunningham even snapped a few pics of us. Mr. Cunningham is a fashion & lifestyle photographer for the NYTimes and is known for always wearing his blue jacket and khaki pants and riding through the city on his bike to snap photos. A few years ago, the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" came out telling about his life and work. (I've yet to see it, but it's now on my Netflix queue.) If you look closely in all of these pictures you can see him snapping away - and smiling! - in the bottom right corner, standing on the bridge. How adorable!

We're all crossing our fingers for a brief cameo in his Sunday video or photography piece...