look what I found:

Well. It's no secret that I don't like being in the spotlight or the center of attention. But one would think I could at least play it off a little better! At the end of the Blue Like Jazz screening, Donald Miller himself asked if the entire theater would shout "New York City loves Blue Like Jazz!"

Lucky me. Brendan, Bethany and I were front row and center. Literally. If you look closely enough - or not even very close at all - you can see the deep shade of red that is my face. I'm fidgety and playing with my hair...and shouting-ish. But not really. Brendan gave me a hard time, but he's no ham for the camera either! Luckily though, this video only made it onto Donald Miller's twitter page...and only has 704 views since Thursday. At least we didn't have to wear name tags...