hola, colorado!

Wow, is it beautiful in Denver! And wow, did I have the best host and hostess ever. I arrived at the airport in Denver laaaate on Friday night and I was pretty zonked since it was even later NYC time. Saturday, my most gracious hosts took me to see the sights of Colorado. First stop: Red Rocks! It was covered in snow and soooo pretty!

Then we went to Buffalo Bill's grave! Very interesting sight, I thought. Then we all tried to remember who Buffalo Bill even was...

Ahh, and the constant view of the mountains! They were spectacular.

Sunday, at my request in lieu of skiing, we went sledding on a nearby sledding hill in Denver. I thought this was the safer option (for me, a novice skier) and I was mostly right. After about 5-7 runs, our sleds broke though, but luckily no injuries!

I had such a great time visiting my friends Caylen and David and seeing a part of their life out west. It took too long for me to visit, but I'm glad I finally made it. I'll be happy when you guys are a liiittle closer!