cape town, finally!

OK folks. Yes, it's true, I've been back from Africa for (slightly) over two months now. And I have barely posted any pictures from my trip on here. I don't know what happened, but time got away from me and life moved on and then two months later, I still hadn't done anything. But that is about to change. February is going to be the "29 Days of Cape Town" month right here! I'll have a post each day - with mostly pictures and a little info about my trip - so that I can feel like I've properly documented it while also sharing the beauty of such a wonderful place with others. Some posts may be very minor and seemingly insignificant, but they'll have some significance to me from my trip. I'll try to briefly explain why I chose those things and then let you feast your eyes on the unbelievable beauty of landscape, people, children and city life. And, I'm starting 1, coming up!

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You can also check out some wonderful recaps from my fellow team member Bethany (you'll have to look in the archives from December).