a saturday in hoboken

Last Saturday I ventured over to the other side of the Hudson for a few hours because my former coworker Andy was having a baby shower. I got off the bus a few stops early and found my way to this door: 927 Willow Avenue. I know, from the looks of this picture it may only look like a hideously ugly brown door (and, it is.) but this door has so much more meaning than meets the eye.

This is the door to my brother's (and shortly thereafter, sister-in-law's) first apartment in the New York/New Jersey area. Buck moved to Hoboken in December of 2006, and for Christmas that year I got a trip to New York City...finally (!), and to visit Buck's new pad. My mom, Monica and I visited the week between Christmas and New Years, helped Buck move and settle in a little, and did quite our share of galavanting in the city...

5 months later, I moved to New York for a 3 month summer internship. 1 year and 5 months later, I moved back to New York for good. And now, here I am. Still.

So you can imagine what a beautiful sight this door was to me when I found it again on Saturday. It was the start of my journey here in the Big Apple! Thanks, 927.