fiction book club

Last night was the first night of my new book study: fiction book club! I'm really excited because the impetus for starting this group was when my friend Bethany became an avid fan of Harry Potter this past summer. We were constantly discussing how well-written the books were with such undeniably present and strong gospel undertones. So that's exactly what this book club decided to explore: gospel IN fiction. We meet once a month, each month discussing a new fiction book and the presence of the gospel in that particular story. We started this month with Flannery O'Connor's short story "Revelation". (I actually didn't read it before group last night, oops, but I am so excited to catch up this weekend after hearing the discussion last night.) I wasn't a big fiction reader until a few years ago, and I now I can't get enough. I'm especially excited about hearing some of the older women in my group (like Kathy Keller) give their wisdom and insight on how to read fiction looking for the "good news" that is there!

Next month: Harry Potter!