a reunion

First, I want to apologize for one thing: my lack of posts about my trip to South Africa. I promise, updates are in the works. But sifting through 5,000 pictures (yes, 5,000) and almost as many stories and memories is difficult work during the holidays, or any time really. I have a lot of thoughts, but getting them into short, semi-interesting posts is another story. They're coming though. If you're interested in my trip, please don't give up on me, they'll be up shortly (hopefully).

Secondly, on that same note, last Monday night our Cape Town team had a debrief and follow-up meeting. It had only been two weeks since we had seen each other, but after spending 10 solid days together, it felt like two weeks too long. It was refreshing and exciting to hear everyone's thoughts after taking some time to process them. We sang some songs we learned in Africa and drank orange Fanta (although, it tastes different in America). Most of all, we just cherished and enjoyed the time we spent together. And planned our next time to get together. And tried to pretend like we were still in Cape Town, rather than New York (everyone checking their cell phones was a dead giveaway, though). It was a glorious reunion, and made me so thankful to have embarked on such a journey with these 15 people.

In the meantime, if you want to read about the trip from the perspective of some of my team members, you can read here on Bethany's blog or here on Amy's blog.