auburn vs alabama in nyc

Setting: Chirping Chicken on 77th and Amsterdam, dinner tonight

[background: I've given Brendan two Auburn shirts over the last few years. One mysteriously went missing for almost two years, and was recently found after I had given him shirt #2. I frequently tell Brendan he should wear the shirt more often - who wouldn't want to wear a shirt that represents such a great alma mater?! When I suggest this, his response is usually the same: "I don't want people to comment on the shirt since I didn't go there.." I always say that won't happen since, afterall, I wear my Auburn shirt all the time and no one comments.]

Random man (enters Chirping Chicken): Sir, I'm going to need you to leave... for wearing that shirt.

Brendan (looks up, confused, points at me): It's her shirt!!

Me (thinking): did that seriously just happen? Did someone comment on the shirt the first time he's ever worn it out?!

Random man (points to his hat... crimson with a white script Alabama 'A'. Continues to stare, doesn't say anything)

Brendan: She went there, I didn't.

Me: Sir, I grew up in Tuscaloosa and I can tell you which shirt he'd rather be wearing! (smile)

Random man: Did we really kill your tree?

Me: YES. As a matter of fact, you did.

Random man: I thought that was a made up story. (continues staring at Brendan)

Me: Nope. Mr. Updyke was actually arrested for that. And, I saw the trees and they are definitely dead.

Random man: Ok. Did you two meet at Auburn?

Me: No, we didn't.

Random man (smiles, walks away)

Brendan (smiles at me, points at the shirt): Never again..

This is a rivalry that runs deep, no matter where you are! So glad I'm a part of that, even in NYC.