and, celebrate we did!

Last Friday night (June 3rd) I mentioned that a celebration was in order. And, boy, did we celebrate! We went to only the best Mexican restaurant I've visited in the city yet. That says a lot because I've tried a lot of them... After we accidentally intruded on a private rehearsal dinner party for Candace and Cameron (or so the chocolate said) that was nearing its conclusion, we went up to the counter of Tacombi and bought tickets for our tacos.

Then we chose between one of two food trucks where we picked the taco combination(s) we wanted and watched as it was prepared right in front of us.

I sadly only got two tacos... I wanted more. And another grape soda because it was the best I've had. But, I held strong and saved room for dessert. It was a good thing since we quickly migrated to the Billy's Bakery across the street after dinner.

To add to the delicious food and anniversary event, we chatted about our most memorable (for better, or for worse...) times in the city over the past 1, 3 and 4 years (Kat, me, LA & Pamela, respectively). If only we could do this every Friday night...