prayers and devastation

Thanks for all of the prayers and thoughts for my hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and especially the many friends who have reached out to me about my family. They are all ok and safe, but entirely by the grace of God. The heart of the devastation was very close (and I mean, VERY) to my grandmother's house, and it was miraculously untouched.

I can hardly bear to watch the news and look at the pictures of the rubble. The entire community... gone. Everything that I remembered about T-town is nonexistent now. It's so sad to think that I was just there a month ago, and I had no idea that I would never see it the same again. Your prayers are much needed.

If you're looking for a way to donate, here's one way: American Red Cross Disaster Relief. I'm looking for more ways to donate (there doesn't seem to be a sure way to designate what disaster you're donating too at this site) and will post anything I find. Tuscaloosa needs love, help and prayers!