wake up call

Ever heard one of those horror stories before about oversleeping and missing your flight? Well, I think I can say I'm more happy to have made it home today than I ever have been before. I had a 7 AM flight this morning out of LGA, in which I promptly woke up to my mom's phone call at 6:03 AM. In case you didn't know, you're supposed to arrive (at least!!) an hour before your flight departs, NOT WAKE UP an hour before! Amidst the fog and confusion of wondering why my mom was asking if I was at the airport, I quickly figured out what was going on and that I was in big trouble if I wanted to make it home today. When I finally came to, I kicked it into high gear and was out the door by 6:07 (yes, a personal best for me, by a long shot). I hopped in a cab and emphasized to the driver the extreme importance of taking the most efficient route, and in nothing short of a miracle, he did. I arrived at the airport at 6:30, only to find the security lines as long as I've seen them. I panicked again, until I saw a Delta attendant standing near the security lines. I decided I would ask her if she could relay to the plane that I was there and have them wait for me. Before I could get my entire question out, she had motioned for me to go through the First Class Security line- which was empty! I scooted through the first checkpoint of security, and then the second...until they stopped me and said they needed to do a more extensive check of my bag. Luckily that didn't take long and I ran up to my gate just as they were making the final boarding call for my flight. I made it...but just in the nick of time!

Thanks, Mom, for the wake up call!