the zoo

On Saturday, Brendan and I joined our friends Julie and Andrew for an outing at the Bronx Zoo. It was even more fun than I was expecting, and a ton more fun than Brendan was expecting. We went through "the Congo" to see the monkeys, an okapi, gorillas, then the tigers, giraffes, peacocks, and sea lions as we made our rounds through the park. Who knew, walking around a zoo in New York City could feel spacious, but it was wonderful! If you live in the city and haven't been, I would definitely give it a thumbs up and suggest you go. If you can avoid it, stay away from Saturdays, though, because it's packed, but definitely worth the trip uptown. After the zoo, Brendan introduced me to, as he called it, the best Italian food anywhere, except Italy. We had lunch on Arthur Avenue (Little Italy in the Bronx) at a restaurant called Emilia's, and it was delicious. It was great Italian food with seemingly more authenticity than most Italian restaurants in Manhattan. It was a fun day, followed by a birthday party picnic on the Hudson River, which ended the day nicely. I'm so thrilled to see summer back in full force!