reunion @ boat basin

When I moved to New York City for the first time four summers ago in May 2007, I didn't know anyone. And when I say I didn't know anyone, I do mean I didn't know a single soul amongst the 8 million people living here. I had been introduced to one girl, LeeAnne (who is more commonly referred to as LA on this blog), who also went to Auburn, was an interior design student, and was doing an internship in the city with an architecture & design firm, but we didn't really know each other. Then through a serendipitous turn of events, I met Pamela and Katherine in Central Park one Sunday afternoon. They invited me to church at Redeemer to hear Tim Keller (who, at the time, I'd actually never heard of...gasp!). I thought they were being nice and friendly southerners who I'd probably never hear from again until I received a phone call later that afternoon with a voice on the other end saying "Hey! It's Katherine from Central Park! Where should we meet for church?" We, along with LA, all became fast friends (and one other, AmyJ, who LeeAnne and I met at the meet&greet portion of a church service the next week) and joined a start-up fellowship group the next week. Katherine and Pamela had met Aaron at a citilights event who was just starting a group with a few friends he'd met at a Redeemer Retreat earlier in the spring. We all became great friends and a very unique fellowship group from many different stages and walks of life. Since then, the original fellowship group has grown and changed and multiplied into at least 5 different sister groups. Aaron has a gift for bringing people in, teaching them, and then sending them back out to form new groups and bring more into the circle. Then we all get together and talk about the good ole days when the group was in its infancy and the five southerners were only referred to as "the interns". Things have changed a lot, but some things never will. Getting together, catching up and looking at how far God has brought the group in only three short years sure is fun, and especially when the venue is Boat Basin!

I love this picture of Pamela... not sure what I'm thinking about though.

Pamela, me and LA. (And Katherine will finally be rejoining us in the city in August!)

The "interns" (minus Katherine and Amy) with the grandfather leader, Aaron.