my travels in the lonestar state

It very well might have been the quickest trip I've ever taken. But, it was also one of the most fun! My super-incredible-unbelievably cheap bargain plane ticket, getting to catch up with my old NYC roomie, Lara, and having two free days to explore a fun city and visit somewhere I'd never been before provided an unexpected thrill for my week. I definitely wasn't there long enough, but just enough to get a good taste (somewhat, literally) of Austin. Guess I'll just have to go back soon...

The Capitol and all that it entails.

Stars everywhere! They don't call it the Lonestar State for nothing.

Bright and fun details around the city.

And a few more.

And the one picture to prove that I was actually in Austin with Lara!

[who knew you could take so many pictures in a 24-hour time period?!]