southeast tour

Last week I spent the entire week in the South with 80 degree temperatures and sunshine every day. It was a great getaway from the city and I was able to make my rounds to a few different places while I was there. On Thursday I traveled down to the loveliest village on the plains, saw some friends, (felt really old when I walked down the concourse), and had lunch at Big Blue Bagel with Rose Lynn and Anna before heading on to Atlanta to pick up Brendan from the airport. Then we spent the rest of the week with my family (Buck and Christine were down from NJ, and sadly we missed my sister and her family who didn't make it from Kentucky) and did lots of outdoor activities to soak in the sun and Easter-y things. It was hard coming back to the city on Monday but it was a wonderful trip home!

Much to Anna and Rose Lynn's amusement, I went a little Chi O crazy when I got back to Auburn. I hadn't seen the new dorms or chapter room and it was all beautiful, but I definitely felt like a stranger there because it was all SO different. Big Blue, Spidle Hall, and Lupton (my freshman dorm), however, remained exactly the same as when I left them.
Almost everyone was home for Easter!
I'm not sure who won the egg hunt, but Tate looks like he is getting things under his control...
Besides Tate drinking the egg dye and me spilling an entire cup all over everyone (after I had made sure to tell all the kids numerous times to be extra careful not to spill anything because it would stain...) we had a fun Easter egg dying session!
Tate loved his blue egg!
Pretty Easter outfits with Mayce, McKay and Tate.
We had a more unconventional Easter lunch on Sunday after my mom cooked a delicious Easter meal on Saturday for lunch. After church we went to Dreamland BBQ so Brendan could experience true, southern BBQ at its finest! Then Mayce fell asleep.

It was a wonderful Easter week!!