mckay's special list

As I'm currently listening to McKay describe her day at school during our phone conversation:

McKay: Aunt Perryn, we had a tornado drill at school today!

Perryn: Wow, that's really cool! Did you have to put your head between your knees?

McKay: Well I had to put my hands over my head then lay down flat on my stomach with my face towards the ground.

Perryn: Oh, really?! (a little confused. It's been a while since elementary school, but I never had to this...)

McKay: Aunt Perryn, I put you on my special list!

Perryn: You did?? What is your special list? I feel so, um, special!

McKay: I said, "My aunt is Perryn. She has blond hair and white skin. But I spelled white "w-i-t-e". I sounded it out. But I didn't know it had an "h" in it, so I spelled it wrong, but it said white".

Perryn: Oh? Is that all you said about me? I have blond hair and white skin?

McKay: Yes. That's all I wrote.

Perryn: Well... are you learning anything new at school?

McKay: Yes! I am! We had a fire drill at school today!!