friday family fun night

Friday night was Pettus Family Fun Night in the city! Buck and Christine came over, trudging all the way from New Jersey in the massive snowstorm, and we all had dinner together at Pio Pio in Hell's Kitchen. (GG, I thought of you when we went there- It was my late Valentine's celebration!) Then we walked through the snow as Buck begged us to take more & more pictures. (kidding, I think his actual words were actually quite different than that.) Times Square was completely deserted, and then we stopped for dessert and ended at my apartment. B&C decided to crash on the couch Friday night, but that was a-ok with me because I got hot buckwheat pancakes straight off the griddle from chef Bucket on Saturday morning! We should have family outings more often...

Can you believe all that food?! This is just one of the reasons Pio Pio is my fave! Believe it or not, we only ordered 2 menu items!
More snow!
And Central Park snow!