I'm sitting the LaGuardia airport, and I've determined, I think it could be the best, most efficient airport I've ever been in. They have all of their food, snacks, drinks INSIDE of the security gate. This is a major plus because I can't count how many times I've bought a drink before I came through security and then had to chug it to drink it before I got inside so I didn't miss my flight or have to throw my drink away. And, (this is the most important) the Burger King that I am eating at has Dr. Pepper AND free NEW YORK CITY! And I am sitting here using free WiFi on my computer in the airport terminal - also unheard of. 

And then as I was going through security the most amazing thing happened. I was behind two Indian women with a little girl, probably 4 or 5 years old. As everyone is taking their shoes off and backpacks and things to go through security, all the sudden the little girl starts taking off her pants into a heaping pile on the floor and beginning to pick them up and put them on the conveyor to go through the security check. I was trying hard to stifle my laughter, when her mom suddenly turned around and noticed what she was doing and quickly helped her to get her pants back on. She couldn't help laugh either. Clearly, the girl was a little confused, but at least it provided a little entertainment for the rest of us having to endure the confines of the airport.