The day has COME!

So, I haven't really updated this in a while to give an accurate countdown of how long until I return. The reason for that is mainly because I couldn't bear myself to actually admit how dang close it actually was. It kinda made me sad, kinda nervous, kinda scared, and kinda excited. Therefore, I've just decided to live the past week in denial and oblivious to reality.

But now I have 14 hours and 13 minutes until I am in the Big Apple for a good 11 weeks. Whew. How time flies!

What I'm gonna miss the most is actually not in Auburn this time, but in Auburn's arch rival city, actually, Tuscaloosa...

MY FAMILY! (and my family that is spread out in a few other places...Elizabethtown, KY. because the fam in NJ will be close enough to see before August - so I'm not really gonna miss them.)
Tonight we went out to eat at Cypress Inn to "celebrate" - hopefully not celebrate my leaving for 3 months, but maybe just a chance for us all to be together again before I left. Anyway, it's been a really fun week at home and I've gotten to spend a lot of valuable time with the fam and I'm gonna miss them tremendously until July when I see them all at the beach!

my fam at dinner

two nieces, Mayce and McKay

the rents

the GGs
my sister-in-law and oldest brother, Brent
sweet Tate probably isn't gonna even recognize me when I get back! (not that he even really recognizes me now or anything)