brooklyn, brooklyn take me in

Many moons ago I met a girl during the meet-and-greet time at church and actually became friends with her. I know, it's unheard of. And it's something that had never happened to me before—or since, for that matter. But the one time it happened, I met a rare jewel of a friend.

It was the summer of 2007 and I was an intern, trying to find my way in a big city where I knew no one. Suddenly, within a period of two weeks, there were 5 of us interns attached at the hip for 12 weeks. All of us ended up back in New York, except one.

Thankfully Amy makes it to visit as often as she can. And she keeps us entertained through stories and photos of her grand life in North Carolina. It just so happens (lucky for us) that she made a pit-stop in Brooklyn on Sunday night on her way to Berlin. So we gathered at LeeAnne's house and enjoyed our beloved and way-too-far-away AmyJ with the best memories and stories a group of girls could possibly ask for. Until next time...